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Frequently asked questions

What Sort Of Firewood Is It?

All our firewood is softwood - primarily Spruce, with some Pine and Larch too. All our Classic Firewood is under 25% Moisture Content. Our Kiln Dried Standard™ and Chunky Logs options are under 20% Moisture Content.

Is Your Firewood Good Value?

Some people may think that €65, €75 or even €85 for a Bulk Bag of Cotter Bros Firewood is expensive, but it’s not. In fact, it’s incredibly inexpensive. 1 Bulk Bag of Cotter Bros Firewood contains the same amount of firewood as 32 net bags that you see for sale in Tesco/Aldi/Lidl for anything from €4.50 to €6.99. You are getting Cotter Bros Firewood for between €2.20 and €2.65, delivered…that’s inexpensive, that’s amazing value. ​​​​Our bag contains between 30% and 50% more firewood than the average 'Ton Bags' of firewood on the market. This is because our bag is bigger and is packed full, as you can see from the photo and our 'Cotter Bros Firewood Bulk Bag vs the 'ton' bag on our homepage.

What Type Of Firewood Is Right For Me?

Classic Firewood - Standard For use in medium sized stoves and open fires. This is the best firewood for these appliances as they perform at their best with firewood that is under 25% moisture content Kiln Dried Standard™ - Premium Our highest quality firewood The term is used to describe air dried firewood that is dried to under 20% Moisture Content (wb), the internationally recognised moisture content level of Kiln Dried firewood. For use in Small Stoves or for appliances that require under 20% Moisture Content firewood. Chunky Logs - Longer Lasting Perfect for larger appliances Large Stoves/ Where a longer lasting log is desired Feel free to mix and match; the best way to see if anything works it to try it for yourself!

When Can I Expect Delivery and How Does It Work?

Deliveries with our own delivery service typically take place on weekends. Nationwide options are delivered midweek. We will notify customers in advance via phone call when their order will be delivered. On our own delivery service, we will drop bags as close as possible to where the customer would like the bag to be dropped with our crane. If bags require additional movement we offer a trolley service to move bags further at an additional charge of €5 per bag. Nationwide delivery is with a tail lift and is at the discretion of our courier. A €4 refundable deposit is charged on all bulk bags. This is included in the final price. This is refunded on the next order provided that the bags are returned.