We take pride in paying extra attention to customer requirements on our  delivery service. We deliver as per the customer, on time, and in a professional manner



  • Deliveries with our own delivery service take place both during the week and at weekends.

  • Products available in Limerick, Kerry and North Cork are subject to a delivery charge. Please see no.4 for breakdown of fees.



We highly recommend collecting your firewood. It is far cheaper and much better value. For example, one bulk bag of Classic Firewood costs €80 delivered to Limerick City. If collecting this costs far less at €60. These price differences are reflected across all our products. 


On our own delivery service, we will drop bags as close as possible to where the customer would like the bag to be dropped with our 11-metre crane for super convenience.


Delivery Charges and Fees

4A. Up to 25km from depot = €10

4B. SPECIAL RATE - Limerick City, Tralee Town, and Killarney Town = €15

4C. 25 - 45km from depot = €15

4D. 45 - 60km from depot = €20

4E. 60 - 70km from depot = €25

4F. 70 - 80km from depot = €30

4G. 80 - 90km from depot = €35

4H. 90 - 100km from depot = €40