CBF Pallet Delivery Info Nov 2016_edited
  • The Courier will ring to arrange delivery of your firewood. Please ensure you are present at the agreed time as otherwise your firewood may not be delivered and you may incur a re-delivery fee of €35 per pallet. 

  • Please note the size & space requirements of the delivery truck below. Also note that the pallet truck will not operate on loose gravel or on soft or uneven ground.

  • While delivery drivers are not required to maneuver the pallet beyond the rear of the vehicle, they will always do their best to get it as close as possible to where you want it where conditions allow, ( i.e. good access with solid & reasonably level ground).

  • In the event of this not being possible due to poor access or gravel drive then the delivery will have to be "kerbside" (i.e. the pallet will be left as near to the property as possible) 

  • If you are unable to accept "kerbside" delivery then please do not order this product because in the event of the pallet of firewood having to be returned to Cotter Bros Firewood, payment will be refunded to the customer less the delivery charges which would then amount to €104 per pallet. 



  • Products available nationwide include delivery in the price.

  • We highly recommend collecting your firewood. It is far cheaper and much better value. For example, one bulk bag of Classic Firewood costs €80 delivered to Limerick City. If collecting this costs far less at €60. These price differences are reflected across all our products. 


Nationwide options are delivered midweek. We will notify customers via phone call when their order has been collected from our depot by the courier.

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