PLEASE NOTE: This price excludes delivery which is charged at €1.45 per km. Please choose 'Loose Load" as a delivery option at checkout. Following placing your order we will contact you via phone to confim distance and price of delivery.

14m3 Loose Load

  • Our loose loads are our best offering in value for homeowners with the space available to buy in bulk and especially wholesalers.

    Our 14m3 load is our most popular loose load and contains the equivalent of 14 Bulk Bags of our firewood (Each bulk bag contains 32 Net bags of firewood when packed in a 45x65cm net bag).

    Thats a total of 448 net bags in this load.

    We offer loose loads of both our Classic Firewood (under 25% MC) and our Kiln Dried Standard™ (under 20% MC). If you are looking Chunky Logs please contact us directly on 068 32577.


    • Volume - 14.00 cubic meters
    • Weight – 3332 kg (KDS) (Classic =3500kg)
    • Moisture Content - Classic 25%, Kiln Dried Standard™ 20%
    • Length – 20 cm

    - 15% may be +/- 2cm

    • Diameter - 5 – 15 cm

    - 15% may be smaller